by Craig Brown

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Well, just as I did last Summer, I have forced myself to finish a new album… my sixth. Though mixing and mastering have been taxing, the writing and recording of this album was a labour of love during which the emphasis was on simplicity; in the work process, the songwriting, the perfectionism. I tried to avoid the law of diminishing returns by keeping the songs simple and the performances human (i.e., there are some flubs). I decided to pick songs for this record that were energetic and progressive, and that try to have fun with notes and structures. As a result, there are some exciting passages that help make the whole experience worthwhile for me, I hope you find them too. The second halves of both “Chamomile Hyperquench” and “My Little Black Stallion” (for example) each came out in one take and forced me to write a song around them. It was also fun to record passages where it is just a 3-piece or a 4-piece band; it puts an emphasis on each instrument more than on the wall of sound that I usually create. This album is mixed and mastered primarily for headphones, because that is how I tend to connect best with music. Plus, its very difficult to make a recording sound good on headphones, ipod docks, car stereos, grammaphones-in-exposed-brick-Brooklyn, etc. I have inside me an audiophile that will one day be let loose, but for now I want quantity over quality when it comes to sonics. Lastly, this work is motivated by the pure joy that can permeate our lives; and which sometimes still permeates mine. Songs won’t change the world, but they are a great antidote to so much of modern life. Enjoy.

<Hys.ter.e.sis> The dependence of a system not only on its current environment but also on its past environment. This dependence arises because the system can be in more than one internal state. To predict its future development, either its internal state or its history must be known.


released September 3, 2013


tags: rock Toronto


all rights reserved


Craig Brown Toronto, Ontario

Welcome to the online home of my music recordings.

I don't have any other websites or social media you should be aware of, but please email me with any thoughts or feedback.

- Craig
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Track Name: Turkish Skies
Calling all you old Gestapo
Your deeds begin to say
That there really are a lot of old cave men
Without a lot of nice things to say

Oh, they're disgusted
Try to beat to death for weird ways

Calling all you old Gestapo
The free begin to say
That they’re really not like those people
Oh, those people, who you’re calling out by name
I hear you calling out my name but I’m going

Yes I’m going
I’m going up against the waves, said I’m up against the waves
I’m going, yes I’m going
You’ve got me up against the waves so I’m going

But you, gotta see this from my side
And you, gotta see this through my eyes
Or we’ll die, under Turkish skies

You’ve been following me, I’ve been following you
We’ve been looking for an answer and a destination true
You’ve been looking at me, I’ve been looking at you
We’ve been looking at each other but now the time for looking’s through

Before we get outta here
Get to running back to our States
We’ve gotta wipe the smiles off our face
For leaving all the Turkish gentiles in their place
(case there’s really not a lot of them worth saving)

Said you, gotta see this all from my side
Said you, gotta see this through my eyes
Or we’ll die, we’ll have to leave this life behind
Track Name: Leave Me Out Of This
When the sea starts running and the meat’s run out,
then on my knees I’m looking for you
But at least I’m wallowing away,
not conquering the day, not conquering you

To be this disgraceful, I could never be

After seaside walking, with my dreams stacked up,
you best believe I’m gunning for you
But when disease starts crawling through this East-side mall,
then on my knees I’m looking for you

To be this disgraceful, I could never be
You know that to be this distasteful, I could never be

With these deeds appalling, when in deed I’m falling, like a seed I’m hoping for you
You believe you can leave I can see it in your eyes, but on my knees I’m hoping for you

To be this disgraceful, I could never be (c’mon don’t stop it now)
You know that to be this distasteful, I could never be